Exodus Slider

What is a Exodus Slider?

Ahso’s visual composer custom content  slider.

Create slider:

Dashboard -> Exodus Slider -> add new.

creating a slider


Name the slide and Add a Slider Group name, this name will be the name of the Slider .

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 5.16.05 PM


Optional fullwidth slider image: Add row, and add another row inside. On the outer row add class “fullWidth”.



The content inside the slide will determine the height, to set a specific height add an empty block and set the height.


Adding Sliders in Visual Composer

To add a slider to a post or page add the visual composer element Slider. Click on pencil to open options. Select the slider from the drop downs options. Controls and pager can be activated by writing true on the option boxes. Save changes and publish to see the slider.



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