Theme Ready CSS Classes

Exodus default classes:

The fullWidth class extends the content row 100%.

  • fullWidth

Pricing Table Default classes. Example below code.

Default Layout:

<ul class="pricing-table">
<li class="title">Basic</li>
<li class="price"><span class="currency">$</span>49<span class="price-description">/month</span></li>
<li class="bullet-item">1 Database</li>
<li class="cta-button"><a class="button" href="#">Buy Now</a></li>

The “featured” class can be used to overwrite the default styles.
<ul class="pricing-table featured">

Gravity Forms Classes:

Form two colums:

  • gf_right_half
  • gf_left_half


Form three colums:

  • gf_left_third
  • gf_middle_third
  • gf_right_third


Form two colums:

  • gf_right_half
  • gf_left_half


Form Full width:

  • gf_inline

All Foundations framework classes are supported by exodus. The complete list can be found at the

hide – This class will add the display none property.

show-for-small-only – This class will only appear on small devices aka mobile devices.

show-for-medium-up – This class will display only on medium screens and up.

show-for-large-only – This will only show up on large screens, desktop.

Complete list of visibility classes can be found here.

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